Welcome to some fun horse videos

Here are a few video's with description on only a couple of the horses that stood out to Ralea over the years. There has been many horses she has loved and enjoyed, but there are a few particular or hard cases that the effort and the true beauty of that horse shined through. 

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APHA 15.1h Reigning bred mare. Ralea bought her from a client that found she was just to much horse for her. Diva preferred Dressage. She turned into a incredibly fun and talanted horse to the Prix Saint George! Late sold as a Jr. Yr horse.


Zhivago was a stunning warmblood that came to Ralea due to his bad rearing habit and spooky nature. With time and patience he turned into her dude. She fell in love with this horse and if he didnt sell to another she wanted him for herself.

Prince training In- hand

Prince is owned by a good friend of Ralea's. She helped through some tough training times and helped them to move ahead in their career. Now training the Grand Prix and hopes to take his owner for their Grand Prix Debut. This is Ralea working Prince In-hand to develop his throughness and ability to sit better.

Nero's Knight Mystique

Nero's Knight Mystique was a Friesian Percheron Stallions and Ralea's love of her life. This was her main horse and her breeding stallion. She got Knight as a 5 yr old, started him and trained to the Intermediare before his unexpected passing. Knight is remembered for his amazing temperament and incredibly partnership he had with Ralea. These two did everything from Jousting to Cross Country and driving.  



7yr old Lusitano Westphalien Stallion

Ralea worked under a top trainer for almost two years and was fortunate to be offered the chance to ride this amazing stallion. Due to his very difficult and sensitive personality he could be a very tough ride and so was given the opportunity to take the challenge on. He was worth every minute and they became a wonderful team. Her hopes with the owner was to take him up through the levels and see if he could become a team horse. Unfortunately the owner had to sell him due to personal circumstances and Ralea could not afford to buy him herself.

Codigo's First show and winning the class with a 68.0435