Royal Affair “Prince”

Imported Oldenburg Gelding

17yrs young 16.2 h, Liver Bay

There is not enough words to describe how wonderful this horse is. Prince  has he been a dream to train and work with.   This  amazing  boy  helped finished getting Ralea her silver medal a few years back  afterchstallion  suddenly  passed  away  that  she  planned  to  finish  getting  her  medals  with.   Ralea helped to move Prince up to prepare for the Grand Prix and showing to the I1 for his owner.  Prince  easily  does  changes   including  the  2  tempi’s  and  developing  his  one’s.  He  does  passage ,  piaffe,  extensions  all  easily  in  a  snaffle.  Very  sweet,  kind,  forgiving  and  solid.  Perfect  horses  for  a  jr/yr  or  adult  amatuer  wanting  something  to  learn  the  ropes  on  and  have  a  great  time  doing  it.  

The  owner  is  asking  a  unbelievably  low  price  in  order  to  ensure  a  lifetime  home  is  a  must  and  someone  is  willing  to  give  him  the  maintenance  he  requires  to  continue  to  do  his  job  well.    Requires  adequan monthly  if  in  hard  work and  joint  injections  when  needed  to  keep  him  in  his  best  shape.  Nothing  out  of  the  ordinary  for  a  horse  of  this  level  or  age.  No  vices,  bad  temperment,  and  wonderful  at  shows  and  clinics.  Nice  to  hack  and  enjoy  as  a  normal  horse  too.  You  will  absolutely not  find  another  deal  like  this.  

The  owner   is  devasted  to  sell  him,  she  has  owned  him  his  whole  life.  Selling  with  absolutely no  fault  of  his  own.  Owner  is  selling  to personal   life  circumstances.  

Asking  $17.,500