RKC Training Philosophies

RKC Training Philosophies

Ralea believes in taking the time to develop horses correctly from the ground up. She wants horses to be well rounded, brave, trusting and most of all happy and enjoying their job. She looks at every horse as an individual, working through each of the horse's issues and/or conformational drawbacks. If they are scared or timid, she works on developing them to be brave, confident, and looking to their rider for clarity and reassurance. 

She makes sure every horse leaving her facility is safe, confident, well-rounded, and ready for their next adventure. She is known for starting young horses extremely well, and helping problem horses no matter the breed or discipline. She has worked many horses for top trainers that had mental breakdowns, aggression, tongue and bit evasions, problems working through certain movements or not wanting to go in the ring anymore. She hacks her horses out everyday, they trailer to new places a few times every month, and dabble in cross country or jumping.  She long lines and develops them mentally and physically in-hand while they train through issues and the levels. 

She has re-started many, many horses and found them loving wonderful homes. She has done work for rescue foundations, receiving some of their toughest cases, and bringing them around into happy wonderful horses -- many horses becoming a young rider's first horse as they have become so safe. She works with many OTTBs and prepares them for their next step in life. So if you want your horse not only to become happy, successful and well rounded but also have the ability from a trainer that can develop your horse successfully through to Grand Prix. Ralea is your trainer and coach!

Ralea loves to teach and has been told by her students no matter their age, time and time again, how well she explains and simplifies things. She teaches her students to understand the biomechanics and physiology of the horse and rider as a team. She wants them to understand how a horse has to function in order to create what is being asked. She is honest and pushes her students to become the best they can be. However she always does this in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. 

She does not care that breed of horse you have, level you are, or physical or emotional hinderance's you may have. She is here for you and to help you and your horse succeed to your goals, not hers. 

Come and join our amazing group of students and horses! Come show or come and be on the cheer team! Have a glass of wine in the barn ( if your of age) and a laugh!