RKC Training Philosophies

RKC Training Philosophies


Ralea's Dressage Training Philosophy

 Offering FEI Dressage calibur training from both the USDF Dressage and USEF standards and guidelines as well as German training system. the I believe to have success comes way by true dedication, loyalty, honesty and integrity

I believe that a trainer has to commit themselves whole heartedly to their horse and students to achieve the best results possible. For me to be this dedicated as a teacher and trainer I only take on a small amount of full time training horses and clients.

I choose to dedicate my time in developing the horses correctly through the levels. Which then involves much patients in developing both the horses and riders to become both athletic, flexible, balanced, strong and learn the skills of truly understand what your body is creating and what it is doing both consciensly and unconscienly. Riders and horses both must know the true intent of what is being asked of them.
I do not believe in skipping steps to achieve a quick result. That in turn will always show in the latter.

Success can only come with respect of the horse, the horses respect of the rider and true clear understanding of the aids implied.

This is only too often ignored in our equine world and many times the horse is just confused and misunderstood..
A trainer and rider must understand the horses abilities, limitations and mental awarenessof their job.

I have through my years of training and teaching dealt with many cases of supposedly “ naughty, bad, nervous, or angry horses. That through their “ moments” have had severe issues of rearing, bucking , bolting, not willing to go down centerline, anxiety ridden, ect.ect. Horses that have learned to fear their jobs. I have in almost all my cases have been able to turn these horses around and make them quality, safe and kind horses. Because they are not bad and never were. Maybe a bit lazy or stubborn, nervous or confused and have had to react out of necessity. I develop my horses to learn to love and respect their job. I have created beautiful dressage horses out of the most uncommon breeds in this sport. BECAUSE I understand the nature of what I am asking. I teach horses to develop gaits which they did not have and use their bodies in ways they did not know they could.

I offer training to clients on a fulltime basis out of my farm either year round or seasonal. We work 5 days a week between training and coaching. I am with you every step of the way. I will teach you from the very basics to FEI. I can help you achieve your goals whether it’s in showing or just your own personal dreams. I help your horses become the best athletes they can be. I help you become the best athlete you can be. Maybe you just have goals for your horse to go far and you are the owner that wants to be in the stands saying “ that’s my horse” or the rider saying I cant believe we just did that! Either way I am here for you.
I love all horses and am not prejudice. Please don't be afraid of any problem you may have or breed of horse that I would not be willing. I love my job and I am here to help horses and riders. I will take on everything from young horses just being started to stallions from showing to breeding and marketing to your sale horses. I will help you find, breed or create your dream horse that is ideal FOR YOU, not me. I will find you what is safe, sane and truly help you achieve your goals. I will always give you my honest opinion, but I will not find you something that I know may be to much horse for you, or must be in training with me for four months before you can ride it. Too many times I have seem this be the case with students and their trainers. I want to see YOU succeed, that makes me elated as a teacher. I want to see you smiling on your horses saying you did it, feeling that ah ha moment, and getting excited to do it again the next day. I never want to see my clients hurt or scared on their horses. I have worked with many clients that were ready to give up on their horse thinking it will never work, They have either been hurt or scared and I have helped them achieve success and happiness.